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Heat Stress is a serious problem for infants

BodyTeq Apparel, Inc., has developed a cooling blanket specifically for infants that delivers extraordinary protection for your child against the harmful effects of heat stress and overheating.

BodyTeq utilizes a unique, high performance fabric that works through evaporation, and eliminates the trade off between protection and your child's comfort and safety. Our BabyWrap is superbly designed and expertly crafted to keep your child cool and comfortable and give you peace of mind.


Unique Advantages:

  • Keeps your child cool and comfortable with a soft, cozy, lightweight material
  • Crafted with a breathable, high quality cotton blend fabric
  • Inner lining is a smooth, breathable nylon taffeta that keeps heat and moisture away from the infant
  • Evenly distributes cooling over the entire fabric
  • One size fits all--Velcro closure ensures snug fit
  • Smart, functional design, finished with a silky soft matching satin trim
  • Generous dimensions---32" x 32" (81.28 cm)

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