Fabric Performance

Hydroweave® can be used for a wide range of applications. These studies detail various tests that have been performed on Hydroweave®.

Wear and Use Testing

AquaTex commissioned Auburn University to study the cooling properties of Hydroweave®. The research project evaluated how long Hydroweave® remains active and how effectively it cools the wearer. Auburn University is a member of the National Textile Center and conducts performance testing on garments and their effects on the wearer under various simulated work and stress conditions.

How long does it perform?

Hydroweave®'s active evaporative cooling has been shown to be effective for up to 8 hours. The duration of cooling performance is application dependent and will vary with temperature, wind and humidity... Read more >>

How effective is Hydroweave® when used under a barrier suit?

Used in a passive 'heat-sink' mode, Hydroweave® has been proven to effectively reduce heat, maintain lower core body temperature and increase worker productivity for up to 16.4%.... Read more >>

Flame Resistant Testing

Intertek Testing Services has provided an array of testing on the flame resistant qualities of Hydroweave® FR. In addition, protective clothing expert Jeff Stull has examined the flame resistant properties of Hydroweave®...

What is the potential for steam burn?
Jeff Stull compares the wet and dry performance of fabric routinely used for turnout gear to that of Hydroweave®... Read more >>  

Cooler Fabrics For Protective Apparel
For years, the apparel industry has focused on material technology for fabrics that offered greater protection while also becoming lighter, thinner, and more flexible....


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