Hydroweave®: A Breakthrough in the Fight Against Heat and Body Stress

Hydroweave® is a revolutionary, newly patented "performance enhancing" (PE) composite fabric, representing the first real breakthrough in personal cooling material development.

It is a highly effective, lightweight, flexible fabric, used to manufacture a wide-range of personal cooling garments and products.

Hydroweave® Manufacturing Techniques
In today's market, there are several different types of cooling technologies that are available for portable body cooling. The most sophisticated of these are essentially portable, tethered air conditioners that have been developed for military use, particularly explosive ordinance disposal personnel and astronauts. As one would expect, these systems are not only heavy, but are also extremely expensive.... Read more >>

Cooling The Body
Conductive cooling occurs when heat passes directly from the body to Hydroweave based on the difference in temperature between the body and the garment. Evaporative cooling occurs when water evaporates from a surface. That surface becomes cooler because of the heat that is expended by changing a liquid into a vapor. .... Read more >>

Hydroweave® Construction
Hydroweave® is a Performance Enhancing (PE) fabric that cools through evaporation. Designed with three layers, when soaked in water the middle layer absorbs and holds moisture. As the water evaporates from this layer, Hydroweave® cools the wearer while its shell and lining keep the wearer dry... Read more >>

Fabric Performance
Auburn University was commissioned to study the cooling properties of Hydroweave®. The research project evaluated how long Hydroweave® remains active and how effectively it cools the wearer. Auburn University is a member of the National Textile Center and conducts performance testing on garments and their effects on the wearer under various simulated work and stress conditions.

Care And Use
Soaking Hydroweave® in water activates the cooling process. When activated, special water retaining, hydrophilic fibers in the batting capture and lock in a finite amount of water. The hydrophobic fill evenly distributes and surrounds these water-charged fibers with air, creating an ideal environment for evaporation. This combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers delivers a slow, controlled release of moisture, enabling hours of cooling comfort